How to avail the quick credit.

The disbursement of credit, which is in the form of personal loans, is carried out directly at one of these two locations. Beyond the opinions and eventual reviews, one aspect on which this company strongly focuses is risk control and solutions open to bad payers. From what emerges from the site, those who are reported for late payments are considered eligible, while those who have reports of unpaid installments are not.

What loans does it provide?

What loans does it provide?

The personal loan is the only type of financing envisaged since there is no proposal for the finalized one. In particular, the safest and least exposed form of insolvency is envisaged for the personal loan, namely the loan with bills. In particular, the following can apply for loans from the Lite Lender Company company:

  • public and state employees;
  • employees of a private company;
  • retirees.

Specific requirements and general requirements are then provided for each category. The general ones refer to the age that the applicant must have, ranging from a minimum of 18 to a maximum of 75 (the full repayment of the loan obtained must correspond to this age). The specific requirements for each category are:

Private sector employees

Private sector employees

At least 12 months of seniority in work are required. The company you work for must be with legal status spa or srl and must have more than 10 employees. In addition, the contract must be open-ended.

Public sector employees

For public employees the specific requirements are: at least 6 months from the date of hiring and permanent contract.


The pensioner must have received the pension for at least 6 months. In addition, the pension must be higher than 1000 USD per month (which must be gross of transfers of the fifth already present).
NB: the necessary requisites may also not be possessed by the applicant for funding, but by a guarantor. 

The financing changed

The loan with bills of exchange, as already mentioned, provides for direct disbursement on site. Then you can choose to go directly to one of the two offices (in Rome in via G. Ferrari 35 and in Genzano di Roma in Viale G. Matteotti 20) to start the request and evaluation procedure, and possibly obtain the sum agreed and provide for the signature of the bills.

Finally there is the possibility to fill in the online form in the Contact section of the site, to get a contact from a Fast Credit consultant

Loan features changed

The main characteristics and conditions of the loan with bills offered by Lite Lender Company are:

  • fixed rate for the duration of the loan;
  • repayment term from a minimum of 3 months to a maximum of 36 months;
  • outcome within 24 hours;
  • amount that can be obtained between 1000 and 5 thousand USD.

To know the economic conditions of the moment, however, you must start with a personalized quote. By way of example, on the official website, we find the conditions applicable in this period (survey on 18 January 2018) on the loan with bills for a requested amount of 5 thousand USD and choosing the maximum duration of 36 months:

  • total amount to be returned on maturity of 6,396.32 USD;
  • Teg equal to 16.66%;
  • APR is 18.18% with a Fixed TAN 15.50%.

In the example, pre-amortization interest of 36.52 USD was calculated. On the other hand, the preliminary costs are absent as well as the collection and management costs. On the other hand, stamp duty costs of 16 USD must be considered, plus the tax on bills of exchange of 75.60 USD. However, periodic or annual communication costs are not applied.

Necessary documents

Necessary documents

To start the request some documents are necessary, which it is good to bring with you immediately (even at the first contact with a consultant). These documents are:

  • valid identity document;
  • health insurance card;
  • last two payslips for employees and last pension slip for retirees;
  • Single certification;
  • last user paid;
  • Iban and movements list of his current account of the last 60 days.