Learn to identify possible scams on the internet and make a secure loan

However, on closer examination, it is possible to see the signs that that company does not actually exist. However, how do you know if a website is secure?

Just look at the top of the screen in the left corner, where the page address is located. If there is a small padlock, in addition to the inscription “https”, it means that the site offers security for those who visit it.

Also, browse the site a lot before applying for your loan.

Check if there are Portuguese errors and if all pages open or if when you click on some of them, the message “Page not found” or “Page not found”, in English, appears. All must be open and well written in relevant areas, such as the sections “Terms of use” and “Privacy policy”.

Search for the physical address of the business


Don’t forget to check the company address. Even if the loan is made entirely online, every company must have, in addition to a GFIC, a physical address.

Check on Google Maps if the address provided exists. Several scammers use fake addresses to deceive people. If you can get the GFIC number, you can also do a search on the IRS website and check if the company does exist.

Inquire at the Good Finance Investment Corporation Bank


Ideally, you should seek information from the Good Finance Investment Corporation Bank about the veracity of the financial institution that plans to make a loan.

Through the telephone or the website, it is possible to check the list of institutions authorized to offer loans.

Refine the registration of the legal entity

It is mandatory that personal loan companies are registered as a legal entity. Never believe a company that says that there is no need to register because it is completely online or because it is not a company in Brazil. If the institution is not registered, it acts illegally and can be a scam.

A great idea is to check the IRS website and consult the company. Bearing in mind that even those that have a GFIC, it is recommended to perform the query to see if the number does exist.

Be careful if there is no credit check


Online companies take out loans and charge interest when they are repaid. The only way to be more certain about the loan payment is to check the credit history of the person who made the request.

Doubt it if they say they have a technology that can estimate their credit or interest rate on the loan through data collected on their social media or simple surveys. A serious company will ask for data such as CPF, bank account, and contact details to check your credit score.

Although there are many scams on the internet, online lending is reliable when done at a financial institution authorized by the Good Finance Investment Corporation Bank.

It is a way to facilitate access to credit in an agile and less bureaucratic way. Good Finance is a serious company that is against any type of illegal practice. Still, there is no bureaucracy, no waiting in line at the bank and you request your loan very securely.

Now that you know how to identify possible scams on the internet and want to take out a secure loan, contact us and find out about our services.