Payroll or guaranteed loan: compare and choose the best!

Loans are great alternatives for anyone looking to reorganize their finances or fulfill an old dream. However, many people end up prioritizing more obvious options, missing the possibility of getting to know new modalities.

Among them, two good possibilities are: payroll loan or guaranteed. Both have their advantages, but it is interesting to note that the guaranteed option has been gaining more and more space in the financial market in Brazil.

With that in mind, we have prepared special content, so that you can be properly informed about the two models. Check out!

What is the payroll loan?


This is a credit used by public servants, the elderly and workers in private companies in general. In this modality, the discount of the installments is applied directly to the payroll or the social security benefit. The amount charged for interest is around 2% for retirees and pensioners. There is no maximum limit set for public servants, but the percentage usually revolves around this range as well.

The payroll loan defines that the applicant is an account holder of the financial institution in which he/she will obtain this credit. After this first contact, a general analysis is carried out, which depends on the person’s financial history.

Maintain some type of agreement with a financial institution


For those with a formal contract, it is quite common for the company in which the client is employed to maintain some type of agreement with a financial institution. This factor can serve to significantly speed up the process.

INSS beneficiaries and civil servants, in general, have a significant advantage: since they have greater financial stability, this request can be made at most institutions that deal with credit.

However, it is important to remember that payroll loans do not offer flexibility for payment. In other words, the applicant will have to live on a lower salary or retirement amount for the entire discharge period. Thus, it is necessary to keep an eye on the accounts, at the risk of not being able to pay the installments in due maturities or to balance them with other financial needs.

How does the secured loan work?

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This is a type of credit that has the guarantee of a property that is in the applicant’s name – a property, such as a house or an apartment, or a vehicle. The main idea is that it can be used as a pledge if the debt cannot be paid off.

This model that involves real estate is also known as home equity or refinancing, mortgage or fiduciary alienation. Quite used in the United States, to provide, for example, that dream trip or student financing.   The practice has been gaining strength in Brazil due to its several advantages.