Social Institute loans for private individuals – Only for civil servants and pensioners?


Perhaps not everyone knows that there is a particularly advantageous type of loan dedicated to employees; these are Social Institute loans for civil servants disbursed directly by Social Institute, the National Institute for Social Security, and Government Agency, the National Institute for Social Security for Employees of the Public Administration.

To be precise, it should be clarified that the Government Agency, originally responsible for providing the pension treatment for employees of the Public Administration and for granting social and credit benefits, was formally canceled with the Save Italy Decree of the Monti Government and its functions are been transferred to a specific section of the National Institute for Social Security. From January 2012, therefore, it is Social Institute that manages the Italian pension system and deals with providing loans at reduced rates and conditions.

Social Institute loans for civil servants: requirements

Social Institute loans for civil servants: requirements

Anyone with an open-ended employment contract can therefore apply for Social Institute loans for civil servants. These are multi-year loans and are granted directly by the Social Security Institute which can disburse them through the special Credit Fund, directly financed by the members themselves.

The necessary documentation to be presented to obtain is very essential:

  • fiscal Code;
  • copy of the last paycheck;
  • latest CUD model;
  • identity document or residence permit (in case of a foreign citizen).

These loans usually have a multi-year duration, from a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 10 years, and are offered with highly facilitated fixed rates, in order to obtain a net overall saving on the entire operation.

Fixed-term civil servants still have the possibility to apply for Social Institute subsidized loans: however, the duration of the loan must not be longer than that provided for in the employment contract (see also Facilitated loans for young people ).

Social Institute loans for private employees: do they really exist?

Social Institute loans for private employees: do they really exist?

On the other hand, the situation is different for employees in the private sector, who do not have access to the loans granted through the Credit Fund referred to above and have less opportunity to take advantage of the Social Institute facilities.

Despite this, private employees can also take advantage of some opportunities that should not be underestimated (see also Sale of the fifth of the Agos salary ).

One of the most used solutions to obtain liquidity from an employee is the advance of the severance indemnity, Employee Severance Indemnity, or that portion set aside annually by the employer which is paid to the worker when the collaboration relationship ends.

Also in this case, the Social Institute provides a special Guarantee Fund which replaces the employer if the latter does not grant the TFR to the worker who requests it.

It should of course be stressed that this is not a real financing, since the amounts we are talking about already belong to the applicant and therefore must not be returned.

Bonus private employees

Bonus private employees

Of particular interest are also those specific services provided by Social Institute in support of the most fragile incomes and also dedicated to employees in the private sector. These are temporary benefits, limited in time and payable only under certain conditions which, however, represent a valid aid for those families who are most in difficulty.